New: Fixing assistances RSP for planar putty of materialographic samples

The fixing assistance RSP allows the planar putty of materialographic samples without any interference of the prepared surface.
The fixing assistance RSP is made of colored anodized aluminum and is set on the metallographic specimen,to have no contact to the embedded sample. Thus, the prepared specimen can be easily puttying plan.

Set consisting of:
1 x  Grinding press
1 VE Metal microscope slide   5 pieces (dim. 76 x 26 x 2 mm)
1 VE Plasticine 1 kg
Each 1 ring in Ø 30 mm, Ø 40 mm und Ø 50 mm


Reflected light industry microscope with digital photo documentation

Bright- and dark field reflected light microscope MEIJI MT 7530FLED
with digital camera Jenoptik GRYPHAX SUPRA, including panorama- image-sharpness-reconstruction and image measurement - in live mode

A very reasonable and powerful reflected light microscope for industrial laboratory, combined with a fast and professional digital photo documentation and image measurement! This is more than a wish. Finally we have a suitable system for this application.

Reflected light microscope MEIJI MT 7530F
- 5-way objective revolver
- Trinotubus 80/20 switchable and oculars 10x/22
- C-mount adapter
- 3-plate cross table, no object guide required
- Sample height up to 50mm (!)
- Strong LED Köhler-illumination with field- and aperture diaphragm
- Bright and dark field
- Polarization accessories.
- High quality Plan EPI objectives 5x, 10x, 20x and 50x and 100x
- Dust cover
Digital camera Jenoptik Gryphax Subra*
- Resolution 2.0 mega pixels
- CCD 2/3 "CMOS sensor
- Pixel size 5,5x5,5µm
- C-mount connection
- USB 3.0 interface
Image processing*
- Image montage (panoramic image) in Live mode
- Z-stack (sharpening reconstruction) in Live mode
- Image Processing in Live mode
- Calibration scale
- Image caption

*for adaptation at existing computer


Consumables and accessories for microtomy


Embedding of specimens
Embedding moulds
Specimen adapter

Holding of specimens
Sandwich holder
Microtome span camp
Reducing of cuts
Knifes, Disposable blades, Precision scissors, Tweezers-blade, Tweezers-pointed-straight,Tweezers-pointed-curved
Scalpel, Preparation needle, Brush Set
Mounting of cuts
Glass slides
Marking pen
Covering up of cuts
Canada balsam
Cedar wood oil
Cover glasses
Keeping of cuts
Preparation box
Shipping container
Cleaning wipes
Compressed air spray

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