Product Novelties


Embedding Material WEM WiDa
Warm embedding material based on epoxy resin basis, black and white with mineral, inorganic and glass-fibre-reinforced filling materials. Good adhesion to the sample surface, optimal edge connection.
Does not stick on the warm embedding press-machine!

Storage-box Disc Cabinet
Disc Cabinet
with 8 drawers for storing up to 16 magnetic preparation discs from Ø 200 - Ø 300.
Vertical storage for all CT DiaGrit, CT GriFin, CT GriFin Soft and magnetic polishing cloths on steel disc or on Ferro-foil.

Diamond suspension water-free: Monocrystalline
Two-in-One diamond suspensions water-free: Monocrystalline

Alumina suspension grain size 0,50 µm
Alumina powder grain size 1 µm

Dosing system CT Doser
CT Doser is a dosing system for the manual dosing of diamond suspensions, Two-in-One suspensions and lubricants.
- Very fine dosing by adjustable dripping mechanis

Compressed air spray
for non-contact cleaning of dirt and cutting residues, 400 ml

Mobile Materialography
Transportable grinding and polishing machine with rechargeable battery for mobile component materialography CT Mobipol
CT Mobipol offers all possibilities to be used flexible on-site. It consists of a control unit and a precision-handpiece with a power-micro motor.
With the aid of an Etching-pencil the CT MobiPol is able to etch electrolytically. In particular, in case of an on-site work, electrolytic etching is without alternative for alloyed steels, for example in this case it is not possible to work with heated V2A-Mordant.
Etched surface is visible directly - so the progress and completion of the etching process can be controlled well.
•    Maintenance-free rechargeable batteries
•    Small size & low weight
•    Grinding, polishing and etching – all with one device

In addition, already inter alia since 2016 in program:

Wet cut-off grinding wheels with high cutting quality
Universal cutting disc suitable for most technical materials, e.g. Ni-based alloys
Cutting disc Ø 250 x 1,5 x 32 mm and Ø 250 x 0,8 x 32 mm
Fabric-strengthened for surface-hardened steels, inductive and case hardening steels
For core hardness up to 450 HV and more than 450 HV

Precision cutting wheels borehole 22 mm
Corundum precision cutting discs for soft, medium-hard and hard iron materials
SIC-precision cutting discs for non-ferrous-metals, Titan und plastics, Ø 150 und Ø 200

Cold Embedding Materials CEM3000 TWINFIX
2-component embedding material based on modified polyester resin which, due to its special properties expands and no longer shrinks. The cold embedding material is particularly well suited for hardness 83-87 Shore D and is characterized by an excellent edge-connection, therefore it expands during curing process. That effect is well known as of previous cold embedding material CEM3000+.
Mixture ratio: 1 parts volume Powder, 1 parts volume hardening fluid
Mixture ratio: weight 3:2
Processing time: 5 minutes
Hardening-time at room temperature: 20 - 25 minutes
Hardness: 83-87 Shore D
Polymerization temperature: 110°C for 40mm-moulds
Hardening fluid: keep cool and dark (not above 20°C)!
Minimum durability: 3 months
With the previous CEM3000 + powder incompatible
New: CEM3020 Hardening fluid 1 liter bundle

Embedding accessories
Paraffin for vacuum infiltration CTWax N, CTWax Plus and CT Wax Xtra
With this method, pores, fissures, cracks and similar openings are sealed so any moisture remains trapped after preparation (eg after cleaning or after etching) and does not pollute the environment.
For this purpose, paraffin (such as paraffin) can be melted in a laboratory vessel with the addition of fluorescent dyes; these make the pores and gaps visible afterwards. When immersed in the paraffin, the sample should be warmed slightly already.
For very fine porous material a short vacuum infiltration has proven favorable as well. Here, the laboratory vessel is placed in a pressure pot with the paraffin and the sample. Then you can let the paraffin flow in the pores and cracks, with pressure.
After sufficient paraffin is pulled into the surface, the remainder of the prepared ground surface is to be wiped with a clean soft cloth. Alternatively, it is to be lifted off the surface, after it has hardened.
The sample can be final polished with oxide polishing suspensions easily.
In this case, the paraffin won’t be removed.
SiC - Wet grinding paper:
Grain size 4000 Hermes: Ø 200, Ø 230, Ø 250, Ø 300
Not self-adhesive Ø 350: in different grain sizes
SiC-paper foiled: The SiC paper is laminated with a foil and perfectly suited for our adapter disc GeccoFix
-    Same features as the not self-adhesive SiC-paper
-    Lies flat on the adapter disc and does not curl, thereby also reusable
-    Holds even better on the GeccoFix than the not self-adhesive SiC-paper

Adapter disc CT GeccoFix self-adhesive
The adapter disc CT GeccoFix self-adhesive applies the same features as the CT GeccoFix, but is self-adhesive.

For storage of new and used polishing wheels, SiC paper and grinding wheels
for Ø 200 mm and Ø 250 mm:
-    stackable
-    individual configuration of several drawers possible

Etching agent
Etching agent by Murakami
Standard etching agent for high-contrast and color differentiation of austenite, ferrite and sigma phase in e.g. duplex / super duplex steels
Etching agent by Klemm I stock solution 1 liter + 20 g potassium
Color etching agent for visualization of microstructure in unalloyed and low alloyed steels and cast iron
Etching agent by Klemm II stock solution 1 liter + 50 g potassium
Micro etching agent for copper alloys and soft solder connections
Wifi – Microscope-camera
5 MP digital camera for macro- and micro-image documentation

Here you can download our price list 2017 in PDF format:

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